ESTI plays a leading role in the production of wear resistant steel parts in the area of Brescia and Verona.
The company works intensely on research in the sector of processing special steels and the production of wear resistant steel components that puts into practice the development of new solutions for the national and international markets.
The technical staff carries out a selection of excellence of the materials and the work processes that have contributed to making the ESTI brand synonymous with a guarantee of stele processes and reliability for any customer’s request.
The company possesses the know-how that comes from decades of activity in the steel processing sector that is widened by the joint venture with a Chinese foundry and a share of the capital by the Acciaierie Venete Group.

These elements allow the creation of complete productive realities with effective processes that satisfy any client need and achieve excellent quality test results.
The company is certified ISO 9001:2008 e ISO 14001:2004.

“ESTI is an ethical company made up of people who work every day, every hour and every instant for growing up together.

Their professionalism has made possible the existence of a great Italian excellence”.

customized steel parts


ESTI’s components proposals are supported in particular by customized steel parts with shape on request and types of special steel.
In addition to the standard steel products, including teeth, tip holders and tips, the technology used by ESTI can produce special products in wear resistant steel for any type of application in machinery or structures.

The company has an innovative design office on hand that can discuss any article requested with the client.

The ESTI brand on any product is proof of our sustained commitment to guaranteeing the highest quality for our customers.
The company is distinguished by its intense research for new solutions and selects materials and processes that are always innovative to ensure maximum reliability in the processing of special steels and wear resistant components.

Continual investment in research has allowed ESTI to obtain important patents that have contributed significantly to the company’s development.

All the projects can be seen at our premises located in the Idro centre and we can propose customized special steel processes for the provinces of Brescia and in the territory of Lombardy, the Veneto and Northern Italy.



laminated profiles
In the production of laminated profiles, ESTI produces:

  • blades for shovel buckets and excavators
  • blades for bulldozers
  • blades for graders
  • blades for scrapers
  • blades for snowploughs.

The company uses a type of high-quality steel that is processed through careful thermal treatment and very low tolerances in the mechanical processes for a high-quality product that is endowed with high resistance to wear.

The advantages of the processes for ESTI’s laminated profiles are given by a complete production chain which is the only one in the world that goes from production to storage. The laminated profiles present constant characteristics in all the section and are available for immediate delivery thanks to the ample stock of laminated profiles.

In fact, ESTI’s warehouse has laminated profiles of every size and quality of steel that are ready for delivery. The delivery office carries out constant research on new solutions to reduce delivery times for orders and in this way satisfies our purchasers’ requests in extremely fast times.


The laminated profiles produced with the new ESTRONG® steel represent the highest reliability in the production of wear resistant products.

ESTI’s production of ESTRONG® laminates allows us to produce profiles with great resistance to wear that are destined to last a very long time compared to other similar types.
This is steel tied to a low Carbon content and with high levels of Boron, Molybdenum and Nickel.

These materials optimize the mechanical characteristics of the steel and in any case maintain excellent weldability and ease of processing.
The high level of hardness in the heart of the laminated profiles comes from the excellent chemical composition of the steel combined with deep tempering.

The difference in the wear resistant profiles is reinforced by the great medium to long term economic savings and with investments aimed on the ESTRONG® products that include all the standard shapes of the earth moving sector.

The advantages of the ESTRONG® products are noted above all in comparison between steel products in sheets and lamented profiles.
  • No additional processes: the profile does not come from sheets thus reducing times and costs.
  • Constant mechanical characteristics in all the section since the profiles from sheets can alter them close to the bevelled area.
  • Reduced work times.
  • Low production costs.


  • Control of the waste
  • Control of the billets
  • Control of the lamination
  • In line size measurements
  • Detection of in line surface cracks
  • Control of the thermal treatment



denti in acciaio antiusura per macchine movimento terra
ESTI’s proposal for components obtained by steel processing is expanded by the production of fork teeth and shank teeth, as well as the production of parts with various shapes and sized used by earth moving machines.

The SILVER line represents the state of the art in the production of teeth for earth moving machines.
The shapes are designed to facilitate the penetration of the wear resistant steel teeth into the earth and are more highly resistant compared to traditional teeth.

The high-quality standards of this production of wear resistant steel parts guarantee greater duration over time and make the products of the SILVER line reliable and advantageous, also from the economic point of view.


  • Direct production
  • One of the most complete ranges on the market (more than 300 articles)
  • 9 types of steel
  • Very high wear resistance
  • Large stock available
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Reduced delivery costs


ESTI’s warehouse at its premises in the province of Brescia is resupplied every day with steel components and suitable material for resale.
Thanks to the high internal production capacity and the restocking of the large warehouse, the company ensures fast and punctual delivery to the client.

In addition, ESTI has a Chinese section of the quality office that allows the constant monitoring of production that guarantees the client the high quality that has always distinguished the company from the competition in the sector of processing special and wear resistant steel parts.

Thanks to the new logistics office it is possible to decide whether to receive the material in the office in Italy or directly from the Chinese production unit. This new service by ESTI translates into great economic savings, as well as a reduction in delivery times.


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